Mini 3-4" Betta natural driftwood log - ZooMed African Mopani Wood - add tannins

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ZooMed Betta Driftwood pieces are wrapped and sold individually.

Mopani driftwood is a dense, heavy natural wood which can leach non toxic tannins into the aquarium water.  The tannins will naturally tint the water brown and create a "dark water" effect that simulates a natural river habitat - the perfect healthy environment for many types of tropical fish, reptiles, and amphibians.

Please note:  These are SMALL pieces of driftwood generally 2" x 3-4", and are more likely to create a noticeable effect in aquariums under 5 gallons. 

Recommendations: Soak your driftwood for a few days before use to reduce the tannins a bit.  Keep fresh carbon in your filter to will remove the brown tint from the water if you don't like the look.