Can I cancel or change my order?

Changed your mind or ordered the wrong size?  No problem!  However, please let us know ASAP.  We often ship in stock items the same day.  Once your order is shipped, we cannot cancel it. 

For aquarium plants:  We do accept changes to orders within the first 24 hours, if your order has not shipped.  Beyond that, your plants are already being made and shipped as quickly as possible.


Do you make custom plants?

Yes!  If you need something special or larger quantities of anything, please feel free to ask. If the materials are available and customizable, we are always happy to make what you need.


Are your flowers really silk?

Although artificial flowers and plants are commonly referred to as “silk”, the materials in our artificial plants are aquarium-safe synthetic fabrics.


Cleaning Instructions (for artificial plants)

Our aquarium plants are immediately ready to use, they do not need to be cleaned or rinsed. When it is time to clean them, please use these instructions for stubborn algae stains:

Do NOT use hot water for cleaning purposes.  It can cause the gravel bases to soften. Simply use approximately 10 parts COLD WATER to 1 part bleach. Allow to soak. A soft brush can help remove algae as well.

It is very important to rinse well, again with COLD WATER for best results.

We strongly recommend that you allow washed items to dry for 24 hours. Items must be completely dry to assure no harm to your fish. Bleach and fish do not mix!!!

Also, please NEVER use TOXIC glass cleaners (like Windex) or other detergents to clean anything in your aquarium.