HANGING 14-18" x 12" Large Green ARALIA Bush silk Plant

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HANGING 15" x 12” Large silk ARALIA Artificial Fish Aquarium PLANT (no base), Natural look, Realistic, Life-like, Silk moves with water

Dimensions: plant ~ 15-16” long x 10-12” wide X 4" deep, extra 5" stem to bend around edge of tank - NO base

  • Aralia has front and back sides.
  • All stems can be bent for desired look.  It can have a full, thick look, or be spread out.
  • Makes a great background plant!
  • Silk plant for Fresh-water aquariums
  • Stone base blends well with most natural aquarium substrates
  • Made in the USA
  • May vary slightly from picture as plants are individually hand-made
  • Our products are also ideal for terrarium and reptiles, as well as, outdoor fountains, bird baths and pond accents.
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