13" Floating Regular-leaf Bamboo Betta Hammock soft plastic Plant w/ SUCTION CUP

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Betta Hammock!!  Floating Regular-Leaf Bamboo plastic Aquarium Plant w/ SUCTION CUP, Betta safe

Dimensions: ~ 13” tall  x  3” wide  x  2-3" deep, 30 mm suction cup

Our new line of suction cup plants are perfect for small tanks without gravel.  Try them as Betta hammocks or floating plants for fish to hide under.  They can be mounted to any flat surface of an acrylic or glass aquarium.

  • Makes a great plant for small aquariums & Bettas!
  • The regular Leaf Bamboo is metal-free and will also stand, but is not as wide. The Little-Leaf Bamboo (also available) has a tiny bit of stainless steel in the base of the stems, which is why it can stay upright. 
  • Super SOFT, plastic plant for Fresh-water aquarium
  • Made in the USA
  • May vary slightly from picture as plants are individually hand-made.
  • Our products are also ideal for terrarium and reptiles, as well as, outdoor fountains, bird baths and pond accents.
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